Choose your birthstone that suits you best, for your personalized jewelry, hande made by Cécile Chancerel, in her workshop in France.
Each month has a stone attached to it, according to the sign of the zodiac, assigned according to the different facets of the characters.
The origin of birthstones dates back to the Middle Ages with Aaron, Moses’ brother, who wore a breastplate. The 12 stones represented both the 12 tribes of Israel, but also the months of the year. This is how they became the birthstones.
The knowledge of gems was not accurate at the time. But since 1912, an association of jewellers has been clarifying the associations stone-month .

Birthstones’ liste by month:

January: Garnet
grenat carré  Bague grenat rhodolite

This fine stone, which exists in a wide variety of colours, re-energizing and regenerating, symbolizes friendship and trust.

February: Amethyst

 Amétystes Pendentif améthyste

A purple-coloured quartz variety that brings peace and serenity to those who wear it.

March: Aquamarine

Aigue-marineBague aigue-marine

It is part of the beryl family like emerald, associated with youth and hope. Thanks to its crystalline colour, which recalls the reflections of the ocean, it becames the symbol of the sailors who wore it as a protective amulet. Offered as a wedding gift, it is said to ensure longevity and success for the couple.

April: Diamond

Bague diamants or jaunebague rectangle diamantsbague 3 diamants cc

It is the hardest and one of the most sparkling gemstones. It symbolizes purity and eternity, the emblem of love. Its name comes from the Greek “adamus” which means invincible. There are white but also other colours such as yellow, brown, black, pink, blue, green. It is a privileged gem to celebrate sixtieth wedding anniversaries.

May: Emerald

Emeraude Pendentif émeraude

It is a green variety of beryl, a stone that is difficult to cut due to its composition. It often contains inclusions called “the garden of emerald”. Its green colour is associated with protective properties. Wearing it would provide excellent health and eternal youth.

June: The pearl

 Perles Perles noiresPendentif petites perles culture

It is the symbol of chastity and purity. It has medicinal properties, as helping fertility. Whether it is seawater or fresh water, it exists in different colours depending on its origin: from green to eggplant in Tahiti, white to pink in Japan, golden yellow in the Philippines.

July: ruby

rubis 2 pierresRubisBague rubis cabochon

It is a red corundum. All other colours are called sapphires. It is known to bring good luck to the one who wears it. Ancient beliefs gave him the virtue of protecting against evil and evil spirits. Thus, Chinese warriors wore rubies on their armor to defeat their enemies. Its red color is the symbol of carnal and passionate love.

August: peridot

 PéridotsPendentif péridot

Its lime green colour, of incredible brilliance, instils power and influence to the wearer. It would also have the virtue of helping to fight asthma, according to some beliefs.

September: Sapphire

saphirs de couleurbague saphir & diamants

Like rubies, it belongs to the corundum family. There are many writings in religious literature that mention the virtues of loyalty, wisdom and trust. It exists in many colours: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink.

October: Opal and tourmaline

opale étiopie cristal bague opale cristalcinq opales noiresBague opales noire bleue & diamants anniversaire

Opal is a magical and magnificent stone with multicoloured fires. According to many legends, this stone is a good luck charm.

There are tourmalines of several colors. The rarest are turquoise blue called Paraîba. The pink tourmaline would have the virtue of providing unconditional love and sincere friendships. It is also the stone of poets, writers and artists. Indeed, it encourages artistic imagination, and infuses creativity into the wearer.

tourmalines rose & verteBague tourmaline verteBague tourmaline cabochon
November: citrine
CitrineBague citrine

Citrine is a variety of yellow quartz. This solar stone is known to amplify a person’s energy and success. According to beliefs, it also brings prosperity by fighting against negative energies. It promotes clarity of mind and meditation, preventing self-doubt and depression.

December: Turquoise, Tanzanite

TurquoiseBague turquoise
These two stones are blue and symbolize the cold of winter.
For Tibetans, turquoise symbolizes the sky and water, bringing luck and protection and eliminating all kinds of negative energies. It is also a symbol of good fortune. It would have a regenerative action for the whole body.
Tanzanite was recently discovered in 1967, with both blue and purple highlights.
TanzanitesBoucles d'oreilles tanzanites
Come and choose your birthstone, its shape, color and size!