Exceptional art

Cécile Chancerel creates exceptional art pieces, for amateurs and collectors. They are unique and rare pieces, made with passion and ancestral techniques.

  • The aquarium

Black opal mosaic from Lightning-Ridge (Australia), sterling silver frame.

Cécile Chancere received a price from the SEMA (Art & Craft Society) with her interchangeable necklace.

“Dendrobiums and Lyphiras”, a bouquet of orchids, symbol of mystery and passion evoking the elegant simplicity of a woman of the world.

Modular necklace in gold and sterling silver, composed of several parts, forming four different necklaces.

pièce exceptionnelle collier la source 

A necklace that tells a story about the environment, water. We can’t live without water! Too much or not enough, the impact is great. It is also an ecological, physical and emotional balance!

My creative and inspiring approach:

Its title “The Source”: It is the journey back to the source to discover an ancestral savoir-faire of enamelling, through the ages and civilizations, a whole history.

The description of the spheres starting from the smallest: Droplets; Morning Dew; Waves & Foam; On the Coral Reef; Aquatic Plants; Aquatic Life; Pond, Life on Water.

Water is a sign of joy; morning dew begins a new day, splashes make children play and laugh, foam in the waves brings sensations of well-being and holidays, rain announces a good harvest, snowflakes gives a magical atmosphere, coloured fish and aquatic plants decorate many indoor aquariums, water lily flowers show the seasons. We get closer to nature, the flight of elegant and coloured dragonflies makes us dream of freedom.

The number of spheres is equal to the number of days of the week, for the power of numbers.

The transparent enamels conveys the sparkling light, the clarity that we all need. This gives the effect of a miniature stained glass window.

To follow everyday moods, you can choose the length of the necklace and the history of the spheres to harmonize your style.

This work has been designed, drawn, thought out, studied, and manufactured with great passion!

Diadème devantdiadème

A tiara can be customized to embellish the most beautiful day of your life!

tableau feu follet  tableau les ondes tableau cloisonné centre

Enamels on copper with silver foil or sterling silver plate.

émaux écosse

Personalized card holder, enamels on copper.

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