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The oldest rings in history known to date were made of mammoth ivory. Rings seem to have been as much a decorative object as a money exchange. The Egyptians had a wide variety of rings, including the beetle-shaped model. During the Middle Ages, the wearing of rings seemed to have been reserved for the upper classes. The wearing of a ring was a sign of affirmation of power and dignity.  Rings have gradually evolved into new meanings.

Since the end of Roman antiquity, the ring has sealed the promise of marriage: its circular shape, which has neither beginning nor end, evokes eternity and therefore the indissolubility of bonds of love.

The ring, by its strong symbolic character, is often used in literature. Indeed, it is attributed a magical power, as in Grimm’s Tales or The Lord of the Rings.

There are many types of rings:

Solitaire or Engagement ring: It is a ring offered by the man to the woman he wishes to marry. It is often in the form of a solitaire, set with a precious stone, usually a diamond.

Wedding ring: These are rings that the bride and groom put on each other’s fingers, and swear to each other to unite for life.

Knight ring: It’s a big ring. It consists of a ring surmounted by a large platform representing a motif (initial, coat of arms). It is a jewel that is used to assert an identity. It can be offered for a birthday, for example for the 18 years of the boy becoming a man.

Birthstone ring: It is a ring bearing the birthstone of its wearer, or his spouse.

Cocktail ring: A more imposing ring

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Earrings are essential accessories to brighten up your smile. They reflect the personality of the woman who wears them. They can be made of many different materials, sizes and styles. Imposing or discreet, you will find the ideal jewel for your evenings at Cécile Chancerel. Each creation, designed with the greatest care, seeks to enhance your look.

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History: Like the chain, the necklace symbolizes the weight and honour of belonging (to a family, a lineage). From the end of the 19th century, new types of necklaces appeared, such as long pearl necklaces and the dog necklace, made up of several rows of pearls that encircle the neck and, sometimes, a plate decorated with gems in the center. The dog collar was made fashionable by Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII of England, who wore it to hide a scar on her neck.

Jewellery enhances beauty. They honor the deities, adorn kings and greats. They have always demonstrated their rank and power in a timely manner.


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