Cécile Chancerel: Jewellery designer – maker

If you are a unique, independent, elegant person, only a jeweler such as Cécile Chancerel can satisfy your needs.

A wish = An appointment = A unique and personalized jewel

From an idea, a drawing or simply by listening to you, telling the jewel that you imagine, Cécile Chancerel, draws and manufactures your customized jewelry, unique and original, according to your desire. Whether it is classic or antique, it will bring out your femininity and your inner beauty, whether everyday or for big events.

Cécile Chancerel chooses noble materials such as gold or sterling silver, precious or semi-precious stones, pearls or enamels, best adapted to the expected model. She can also set stones that you own, or transform your old jewelry that you no longer wear.

Tailor-made jewelery creation

First you need to make an appointment at the workshop, to meet us and discuss about your project

Creating a drawing to determine the model to make sure we understand each other.

The choice of stones or pearls

Opportunities for exceptional jewelery

Birthstones’ list:

Each month of birth is associated with a stone, so you can compose a jewel according to this calendar on the occasion of an anniversary

Anniversaries’ list:

Anniversaries of weddings are stones. Have a jewel made with the stone of your wedding anniversary to celebrate the memory of this unique moment.

Then come quotation and manufacturing

Manufacturing’s details

Metals used

Metals used

Gold, silver, platinum or a mixture
Stone setting

Stone setting

The stones can be set in different ways, closed in, with grains, claws, set down or set in mass, depending on the desired effect.
Enamel colors

Enamel colors

With sample plates you can choose the colors that best match your dress’ fabric, or your gentleman’s shirt or tie, either in contrast or in the same tone.

The moment of joy has arrived, the delivery!


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Transformation of your old jewellery

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