Terms and conditions

Protection of personal data, in accordance with the simplest standard NS-048

The purpose of the management of personal data by this site is as follows: to carry out operations relating to customer management. Customer management includes: deliveries, invoices, accounting and accounts receivable management.

Personal data concerned by this site

Identity-related data: name, email.

This data is collected when the contact form is sent.

They can be used by Cécile Chancerel to contact the customer again. If you do not wish to be contacted again, you must notify Cécile Chancerel, as soon as the form is sent, using the contact details on this site.

Data retention

Your data is deleted from the database on request.

The data are kept for 5 years by Cécile Chancerel. This period runs from the date on which the form is sent. At the end of this period, Cécile Chancerel contacts the customer to inform him of the imminent deletion of his data. If the customer does not react within 5 days, the data is deleted.

Data collection

Data processing is carried out by Cécile Chancerel.

The only user of the data is Cécile Chancerel.

To correct your data, you can contact Cécile Chancerel.

If you wish your data to be deleted, you must notify Cécile Chancerel, using the contact details on this site.

Collection of consent

You consent to the use of your data, as described in the paragraphs above, when you submit the form.

Your data are not sold to third parties. The only commercial use is on behalf of Cécile Chancerel, in the context of her jewellery business.

You can retrieve your data stored by the site by sending a request to Cécile Chancerel.

Data Security

Your data is stored via the wordpress CMS, on the database provided by the site host (OVH).