Fashion is changing, desires are changing and so are jewellery. In order for your antique jewellery to adapt to your everyday life, it is common to make transformations to give it a second life.

If you have any jewellery that you no longer wear, or inherited jewellery that you do not like, Cécile Chancerel will propose a design that respects your family’s values, creating a unique piece of jewellery that looks like you and that you will wear with great pleasure.

So, a new story will begin.

Here are some examples of our work:

Before                                                                                    After

Bague diamants transformation avantBague diamants transformation après

An old ring is transformed into a modern ring.

A brooch can be transformed into a necklace.

Broche diamants transformation avantBague pavé diamants après 1Bague diamants ronde après 2

The transformation of a brooch can satisfy 2 people, a diamond-paved ring each!

Collier chaine transformation avantCollier chaine transformation après

To lengthen a chain, lapis lazuli stones can be added.

Bague émeraude avantBague émeraude après

Change the design that is easier to wear and more solid.

After dismantling all the jewellery that you no longer wear, it becomes one necklace.

Bague pavé rubis avantBague rubis après 1Bague rubis

With a single ring, it can be transformed into several, according to the tastes of each child in the family.

Transformation d'une chevalière avant sertiChevalière serti après

The choice of setting is important because it can change the general aesthetics of a piece of jewellery. It is best to listen to a professional’s advice.

Bague saphir avantBague saphir après

An old ring that hangs on your clothes is transformed with a setting that resists the hectic modern life.

A long necklace of rubies from Asia is transformed into a three-row necklace of different lengths, adding a few pink quartz to brighten it up.

Transformation of a brooch into a bracelet.

Your grandfather’s cufflinks with amethysts can become a matching necklace with a ring.

The 2 juxtaposed rings take up too much space on your finger. Welded together, they are inseparable.

Transformation of the shape of the ring head to lighten the sapphire and soften the look.

By respecting the authentic design and style of the brooch, the jewel becomes a ring.

To give a better balance between the chain and the pendant, just add a few stones.

tranformations of brooch

By taking all the stones set on the brooch, they become a multicoloured ring, easy to wear with all its wardrobe.

Bijoux pour transformation avantBijou pour transformation après

The top of the ring becomes the bail (the hook to pass the chain behind), the pendant is enlarged to become the center of the flower.

Solitaire transformation avantPendentif transformation après

Whatever the reason for your transformation, do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Come to Cécile Chancerel’s workshop to bring your old jewellery and discuss your project!